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Whether you choose to call it Aqua Blasting, Vapour Blasting or Hydro Blasting, I can provide you with finished components that look new inside and out.
I own and maintain bikes from 1927 to modern, as well as classic cars, I've raced speedway and bitumen and like you, understand the value of careful preparation. I love the doing of car restoration and motorcycle restoration. Check out the photos below and on the examples page - you will see how Vapour blasting can make a huge difference to the look of your car and bike parts - and increase their value if you plan to on-sell them.
Contact me today to discuss your project. Please let me know if you are a member of a classic car club or classic motorcycle club. I am a member of the Veteran and Vintage Motorcycle club, Classic Owners Motorcycle Club, Ariel Owners MCC and Facebook groups for the particular vehicles I'm passionate about, like Ariel Motorcycles, Tonti framed Moto Guzzi, BMW and Ford Mainline.
Club registration is a fantastic way to enjoy our bikes and cars. Please let me know if you'd like me to attend one of your car club or motorcycle club meetings, bring along some samples and talk about the process. I'm happy to do this anywhere in city or country South Australia.
Speaking of which... Please ring before visiting. We want to be available to meet you. If it's a nice day, we could be out on the road!

Aquablasting restores your components by removing grime and oxides, providing an as new finish without grinding away or eroding base metal.




Before you bring in your parts, have a quick read of the following about vapor blasting.


We'd like you to think of blasting as more of a finishing process than a cleaning process - like metal polishing, anodizing, or plating.  Preparation is key to a quality vapor blasted finish, particularly to remove oil. Parts need to be as clean as possible before they go in the machine.

I do offer a cleaning service for those who just want the parts sorted. I can remove greasy dirt, oil, baked on oil, grime, gaskets. I can also chemically strip paint, as it will not necessarily strip in the machine. 

Additional per hour charges apply for cleaning and paint stripping.


Removal of carbon and light oil is included in the cost of vapor blasting.